Safety Rules!

We care about Safety as much as we do about fun

Our mantra is: Be safe & have fun

Now for the serious stuff.When you are messing about on the water it can be incredible fun. But water can be a hazard if you don’t treat it with the respect it deserves.

At RiverShack we take the safety of our customers, our crew and members of the public extremely seriously. It comes before everything. If the conditions are not safe to operate in, we won’t operate. Full stop. Our team has over 40 years experience on the water plus over 20 years of Health and Safety. So everyday we make numerous checks on the weather and river conditions to ensure they fit our safety parameters before we allow anyone on the water.

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Our operational crew are all qualified and experienced in boat-handling, safety and emergency procedures and we provide buoyancy aids for everyone who boards one of our boats. Before pushing off from the jetty everyone is given a comprehensive safety briefing and when you’re out on the water you’ll see our safety boats are there and ready if needed.

It adds up to the RiverShack experience; you can relax and enjoy yourself knowing you’re in safe hands.