Celebrating our Carers with a River Cruuuuise!

“Everyone really enjoyed themselves!”

Thanks so much for the trip earlier – everyone really enjoyed themselves and it was such lovely weather – Says Rose, from Carers Together. 

Rose organised a trip to say Thank You to some of the folks who work relentlessly to care for others. 

Being on the river is a complete break from normal life. It provides a unique and fresh perspective. Just what we all need sometimes.

Do you know someone who deserves a break and a fresh perspective? Maybe a River Trip is the answer…

Click here for details on booking private group trips

Hope to see you all soon !

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A private event on the River

Gasp! “Are we going on a boat?”


These are some of the events happening on our passenger boat Juno:

  • A 50th Birthday event,
  • a party for 8yr olds
  • a family get-together for an 83 year old

Can we have a private party on the River?

Yes! We’ve had wedding parties, school groups, Brownies and Veterans on board. If you have a group – we’ll find a date!

How much is it?

Private hire starts at £200 per hour (off peak in weekdays) and £150 per hour thereafter. We are prioritising Private group bookings in 2023 at Weekends – so please get in touch if you’d like to book for an event.

We need at least 7 days notice to allocate crew for trips (most are volunteers) as we are a Community Interest Company (not for profit) that aims to facilitate people to experience the river who otherwise could not get access.

How many people can we have?

We are licensed for 48 passengers, however due to current restrictions our maximum is 30. We’d recommend 10-30 for maximum comfort, so that your guests can move around and chat to each other.

Where does the boat go?

We have options! We will tailor the trip to suit the age group on board. We can take a gorgeous hour long cruise from Yarm where we pass the River Leven, head towards Preston Park and then turn around and return back to Yarm…

Or we can take you on a longer trip towards Tees Barrage – which would take around 1 hr 15 mins to get their. Your party could disembark there or choose to return. We can travel through the Infinity Bridge too!

Can we bring drinks and snacks?

Yes – we recommend it. Our central area is perfect as a table for drinks and snacks. Please use paper or plastic for plates and glasses.

Can we have catered food?

Yes we can arrange this for you too – just let us know details and budget.

Can we have music on board?

We’ve had live acoustic musicians on board, which makes an event really special, or you can bring a playlist – and use a Bluetooth speaker that we will provide upon request.

What if it rains?

The rear half of our boat is covered – see the photos! Or bring some colourful umbrellas too – makes it an even more memorable event…!

When can I book?

We allocate weekdays for private trips however we can sometimes accommodate weekend trips around our peak scheduled times; 11:00 am or 5:00pm onwards.


What do I do next?

Please email or message us with an outline of your plans and a few date / time options for us to check availability. Once a date is fixed, you can book online or we’ll send a payment link. Or book direct here and we will be in touch to discuss details.

Email crew@rivershack.co.uk or message us using the chat option in the bottom right of the website.



River Cruise on our Passenger boat

Can I have a boat trip on the river Tees?

Yes! We offer river cruises at a gentle pace along the River tees in our wooden passenger boat, Juno.


What is it?

We cruise on the River Tees for 35-40 mins between Yarm and Preston Park.

When are the trips?

We are now able to return to our usual schedule at weekends and bank holidays.

We are also running a mix of summer club trips 10-2pm some weekdays in August and public trips thereafter – see the schedule here: https://rivershack.co.uk/weekly-schedule/

Can I pre-book?

Yes you can if you’d like to guarantee a space  (book here 24 hrs in advance) or we are now offering walk-up passengers too – please arrive at least 15 mins before departure time – where we offer a FIRST COME FIRST SERVED basis.

How do I use the booking system?

Choose a service, then any RiverShack employee and then one of these times 11:00, 12:30, 14:00 and 15:30.

Then complete your contact details (track & trace*) then pay via PayPal. We will check your details & payment and then confirm your booking within 48 hrs.

How much do trips cost?

A small bubble is £25 (for to to 2 Adults and 2 children)

A large bubble is £45 (for up to 6 people)

How many people can the boat accommodate?

We can currently accommodate 8-10 groups in bubbles, however our maximum capacity is 48 people.

Can I book the boat for a private trip or group event?

Yes – we love taking out community groups, school trips and birthday parties – Prices are £150 for the first hour and £100/hr thereafter.


If you have a mobility equipment we will assist you on board separately. There are 4 steps down into the boat with handrails.


We love a friendly pooch – please keep your dog on a lead for the comfort of all passengers.

Food & drinks

Yes please bring a snack or picnic – and take all litter home with you or dispose of it on board. We hope to start serving drinks and snacks in coming weeks.


Sorry, we do not have toilets on board (as Juno was designed for short trips), please use the local facilities in our local cafes & pubs who will welcome you.

river boat sign

Turn right at this sign (above) for Yarm Wharf Car park


There is a car park within 50 metres of the Wharf: Yarm Wharf Car Park £1.50 per day. Drive past the Sainsbury’s rear car parks, follow the road to the right and you’ll see signs for the car park. See this parking map for the 3 long stay car parks in Yarm.


  • we are compliant with data usage for Covid-19 track & trace.

River pontoon access for SUP & small boats

Using a SUP, canoe, kayak or small boat at Yarm

Did you know that the only public access points for river users are at Preston Park and Tees Barrage?

That’s why RiverShack set up an access point at Yarm Wharf (below), to encourage more leisure use of our river at this location. The photo shows our private pontoon, which is available for use by request – read on to find out how to get the gate access code.

The pontoon is behind Sainsbury’s at Yarm Wharf and it sits on rising pile guides to keep it at river level. It is designed to be at the perfect height for folks using paddleboards (SUP), Canoes, Kayaks or small boats.

Who can use it?

All responsible river users! It is a private pontoon so users accept full responsibility for themselves and their equipment when using it.  We simply ask for confirmation or evidence of either:

  • Canal River Trust license
  • British Canoeing license

See below for info on how to get licenses.

How can I use the Pontoon?

Contact us via messenger or text before you wish to use the pontoon to confirm you have a valid license (see above) and to confirm the nature of your use. Read more