2023 update on opening

2023 update on opening

RiverShack 2023 – Teesside Families Sponsorship Campaign


What’s the news?

We’re running a reduced model this season; RiverShack-light.



As a Community Interest Company (not-for-profit) it’s always tight to cover our costs.

Like everyone else we’ve been hit with significant increases in operating costs. Additionally, the logistical challenges of running a river-based business make it even more difficult to balance the books. We’ve struggled with these increasing challenges for the past few years (funding the company ourselves and reducing our rowing and canoe services) but, combined with the reduced leisure-spend of our passengers because of the rise of the costs of living, this means it’s not viable for us to operate our usual model – without increasing our costs to an unreasonable level.


However, river-folk are tenacious; we rise in the face of challenges, so we’ll do our best this season but we’ll need your help.

What is the new model?

To open this year, we’ll be operating RiverShack-light; which means a reduced riverboat public schedule, prioritising pre-booked private trips and inviting sponsorship.


Public schedule for Teesside families & friends – instead of opening every weekend, public holiday and summer, we’ll reduce this to the sunniest and warm days only where we’ll get a higher footfall of passengers. We know that a family day out costs around £100 for an activity and food. This is beyond the reach of most of us – so we’d like to help by inviting businesses to help sponsor Teesside Families to have a day out on us, (by sponsored trips) and bring a packed lunch on board to save costs.

Private trips – these will run as usual, as pre-booking guarantees we cover our costs.


Here’s the details of sponsorship:

Sponsorship – we need to ask for sponsorship or subsidies for our public schedule and private trips during the weekdays (for schools and other community groups).  Here’s how you can help:

  • To provide weekdays trips for school children we need £600 for a day, this provides 4 trips for up to 40 children each a total of 160 children educated to our local wildlife, heritage and riverside economy. Businesses will be promoted on social media for this gesture.
  • To provide our Teesside Families with days out that don’t break the bank, £1000 provides free trips for a Saturday or a Sunday. *Business get full access to put their marketing materials on board, signage, social media promotion and a shout out to our local press. Families will be educated to our local wildlife, heritage and riverside economy whilst having a memorable day out.
  • For £4500 a company can sponsor the boat for a week in the summer holidays. *Tues-Sun, same package as above + we’ll ask BBC Tees to promote this too.

The more offers we receive during April, the more likely it is that we’ll be able to open for the season. In the meantime, we will only be able to run pre-booked private trips for groups hiring the boat by the hour (Private trips cost £200 for the first hour and £125 for each hour thereafter. 7 days advance notice needed.).


What are the benefits of sponsorship or subsidy?

We know times are tough for our businesses and we also know how much they want to help out the local community. By sponsoring Juno, our passenger boat, your company is able to provide access for over hundreds of people of all ages, to access the River Tees. In the past ten years we’ve helped tens of thousands of people to

  • Be immersed in the beauty and wildlife of the River Tees and Tees Valley.
  • Appreciate our local heritage and history
  • Understand how the River Tees is a vital part of our economy
  • Be educated to more sustainable transport options as we promote our growth businesses in the region
  • Create magic memories and raise the profile of our beautiful landscape


How can we get involved?

  • Share, share and share this! The more people who know the more chance we have…
  • Or get in touch and let us know which package you’d be able to help provide, either via email crew@rivershack.co.uk or direct message or via 07795613299
  • We’d love any of these offers £600; £1000 or £4500 – or anything you can spare.
  • If you’re planning a trip on a sunny weekend – let us know beforehand on Facebook so we can plan ahead.


Schedule details: Yarm to Preston Park

Bear with us – our schedule will be more unpredictable, so please check our Facebook page for daily confirmation of openings. Or get a group together and arrange a trip – see click for photos

Here’s how to book a private group trip.


  • 16+ / Adult return £12 / Single £8
  • 5-15 years return £8 / Single £6
  • 0-4 years are free.
  • Prams & Bikes free
  • Wheelchairs allowed – passengers must embark separately to wheelchair. Crew will assist.


All prices are discounted to provide the best price for all – hence no additional concessions.

Canoes & Rowing boats

Apologies, we no longer operate these services due to the anti-social behaviour at Preston Park and the challenges mentioned above 👆.