River pontoon access for SUP & small boats

River pontoon access for SUP & small boats

Using a SUP, canoe, kayak or small boat at Yarm

Did you know that the only public access points for river users are at Preston Park and Tees Barrage?

That’s why RiverShack set up an access point at Yarm Wharf (below), to encourage more leisure use of our river at this location. The photo shows our private pontoon, which is available for use by request – read on to find out how to get the gate access code.

The pontoon is behind Sainsbury’s at Yarm Wharf and it sits on rising pile guides to keep it at river level. It is designed to be at the perfect height for folks using paddleboards (SUP), Canoes, Kayaks or small boats.

Who can use it?

All responsible river users! It is a private pontoon so users accept full responsibility for themselves and their equipment when using it.  We simply ask for confirmation or evidence of either:

  • Canal River Trust license
  • British Canoeing license

See below for info on how to get licenses.

How can I use the Pontoon?

Contact us via messenger or text before you wish to use the pontoon to confirm you have a valid license (see above) and to confirm the nature of your use.

We also need to check timings fit with our RiverShack activities too. Then we’ll share the gate padlock code – which changes regularly – so please check in to get an updated code before use.

Parking is available at the Yarm Wharf car park £1.50 per day. See Stockton Council’s parking map for the three long stay carparks in Yarm or search TS15 9AH.

When can I use the Pontoon?

Please give us at least 24hrs notice to respond on weekdays; RiverShack is a not-for-profit community interest company, most of our crew volunteer (in addition to full time roles elsewhere) so please be patient and we’ll respond as soon as we can.

Here’s a link to the Canal River Trust where you can get a free license to use the River Tees.

Here’s the link to British Canoeing for licensing which also provides access to the River Tees.

Use the CRT site for more information on SUP, Canoe and Kayak use on the Tees
See the CRT site for more information.

Happy padding!