River Guide

River Guide

Check out our Free River users guide 2020 with information on how to get the most out of your time on the River Tees – for all users. Download

Part of a family of River Tees Heritage Guides facilitated by River Tees Rediscovered – here is a link to other guides here.  Here’s a link to Crossing the Tees

The River Tees User Guide

Facts about the River Tees you may not know:

  • The Tees travels 137km from source to sea.
  • The port at Teesmouth (Teesport) is the third largest port in the UK.
  • The Tees has one of only three barrages in the UK
  • Seals, Kingfishers and Herons are often seen on the Tees.
  • The most famous bridge on the Tees is the Transporter Bridge. It is the only bridge in the UK where bungee jumping is allowed.
  • The Infinity Bridge in Stockton, together with its reflection looks like the infinity symbol

If you are a river user of any kind, please download our River User’s Guide to the River Tees.